Christian de Portzamparc building in Luxembourg

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The Philharmonie is located on the Kirchberg plateau, right at the center of a triangular site surrounded with offices and European administration buildings. Filtering light, a vast peristyle composed of 827 columns constitutes the foyer all around the Grand Auditorium.

The latter appears as cliff bearing luminous faults. A long footbridge leads to the balconies and to the administrative facilities. The Grand Auditorium is characterized by 8 balcony-towers vertically distributed around the orchestra and the orchestra pit. The audience unites all around the musicians. The Music Chamber Hall is an external volume shaped as a twisted petal in order to avoid sound focusing effects as well as to create a space coiling up around the core building.

1, Place de l’Europe – Plateau de Kirchberg L-1499, Luxembourg, Luxembourg
1997 – 2005. Competition prize-winning Entry. Delivered

Cultural facilities accommodating a Grand Auditorium (1500 seats), a Music Chamber Hall (300 seats), an electro-acoustic hall (120 seats).
SURFACE: 20 000 m_ SHON
CLIENT: MinistËre des Travaux Publics et Administration des B‚timents Publics du Grand DuchÈ Luxembourg

La Philharmonie Luxembourg images / information from Atelier Christian de Portzamparc

Atelier Christian de Portzamparc
Photos : Wade Zimmerman

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