cell space architects: fold house

‘fold house’ by cell space architects

in the early evening
all images courtesy cell space architects

‘fold house’ by japanese firm cell space architects is situated in nagareyama, chiba, japan.
the small residence for a young couple and two dogs is composed of three main elements:
layering, wrapping, and shifting. different architectural materials were used according
to the function of the layers.

first, thin sheets of metal were layered, rolled and were then bent into angles.
because the sheets lack stability on their own, they were squashed sideways and linked to one
another. they were then shifted along the north south axis, so that sunlight is intercepted
during summer and flows inside during winter.

huge eaves and a terrace were arranged on the southern side. the large space accommodates
gatherings, while the diagonal smaller spaces house the entrance and water utilities.
there are two staircases, one outside and one inside. the family does not use chairs, the leaning
walls act as backrests.

‘fold house’ by cell space architects

external view of the eastside

the south side seen from the bedroom

the north side seen from the bedroom

the entrance

the kitchen

the living area

the terrace area

looking up to the terrace

staircase leading up to the terrace

view of the bedroom at night

the house at night
project data:
fold house
architects: mutsue hayakusa   cell space architects
structural engineering: ryozo umezawa structural engineers
construction manager:hanami construction
location : nagareyama ,chiba,japan
type :  residence
structure: timber frame, steel frame 2 stories
height: 7560mm
total floor area: 93.65sqm
design period: january 2003 – august 2003
construction period: september 2003 – march 2004
photographer’s name: satoshi asakawa