casaPublica: krauss maffei operating facilities, queretaro

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mexican architecture studio casaPublica sent us details of the management and operating facilities
that they recently completed in queretaro for krauss maffei.

following text provided by casaPublica

‘the management and operating facilities of krauss maffei are located in the industrial complex benito juárez,
santiago de querétaro, queretaro state, méxico. they’re built inside an industrial building with a structure that
couldn’t be touched – so a new freestanding two level structure, with the possibility of being dismantled,
was erected in the interior of the facility, allowing a maximum amount of free space for exhibition and heavy
equipment manoeuvring of up to 50 tons.’

‘it’s façade and form, as well as the selection of materials, are the strict result of function and the required
program, just as the simplification of circulations, clearly showing the visitors the way to take. in addition,
the facility has a call centre, two showrooms, training area, kitchen – eating room, a heavy equipment
warehouse, a meeting room, offices for 25 people and service areas.’

‘the corrugated aluminium panels used for the façade gives privacy and security to the personnel from any
possible accidents. the glass transparency separating the office area from the showroom allows permanent
visual contact between management and technical tasks.’

under construction


first floor plan

second floor plan

all photos by rafael gamo

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