Casamoro Condominiums by G.Lab*

Seoul architects G.Lab* of Gansam Partners have completed three apartments overlooking the Han river in Hongcheon, South Korea.

Called Casamoro Condominiums, the project consists of three units, elevated above parking and a cafe on the first floor terrace.

Each of these units is angled to afford different views of the opposite bank of the river.

Here’s some text from the architects:

Casamoro Condominiums are set on the northern bank of the Han River, there are three units, with views of the river and more specifically, each unit corresponds to a specific terrain feature on the opposite bank.

Parking space in on the second level and immediately offers a pleasant view of the river.

The condominium units are then elevated above, allowing for added privacy and enhanced views.

The floating units reveal a communal café space below with access to the waterfront.

The orientation of the individual units and elevated presence provides secure privacy for personal and intimate leisure.

A country  sanctuary for those who wish for a peaceful meditative escape from the city, nestled with in residential suburb, the Casamoro condominiums offers unparallel views and modern texture.

Casamoro Condominiums
Architect:  G.Lab* By Gansam Partners
Location: Hongcheon, South Korea
Client:  Sangtae Kim
Project Architect: Chuloh Jung
Design team:. Lawrence Ha, Choonggu Ji, Binhee Joo, Heejoo Park, Miran Cho, Jee-Eun Kim
Project area: 2200 sqm
Completion year: 2009


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