bar no jardim 9 de abril / aspa

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Architect: aspa
Location: , Portugal
Project Team: Cumbre Maria Jose, Sousa Nuno Caetano, Carolina Castro Freire
Project Area: 308.80 sqm
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: FG + SG

Benefiting from a vantage point with panoramic views over the Tagus River and framed by a set of buildings whose architectural heritage is of great interest, the garden on April 9 also known as Alberta (Some of the Convent of the Carmelite nuns of Albertas) or rock garden of Count Obidos, a promontory appears as a green space surrounded by tradition, open to the river and ships, with the south bank to hide massive Almada.

Deployed on the northern edge of a terrace (roof) of a pre-existing building where it makes the docking with the garden, the bar / terrace unfolds in a single floor. The ephemeral nature of its construction, its image of lightness, transparency, permeability and reflection promotes and preserves the existing relations of views, not allowing the new structure emerges as a barrier to the garden.

Foundations and Structures: PrPc engineers, Eng Joao Paulo Cardoso
Electrical and Telecommunications: Technical Energy, Eng João Mira
Security Installations: Energy Technical, Engineer João Mira
HVAC systems: Energy Technical, Engineer Luis Loureiro
Facilities Water and Sewerage: Technical Energy, Eng John Paul White / Eng Pereira Monteiro
Facilities Gas: Energy Technical, Engineer John Paul White / Eng Pereira Monteiro
Measurements and Budget: Deolinda Cancel

Source: aspa
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