Bacaro Restaurant of Amiana Resort design Hùng Hưng-Lib.A

Architectural Design Company:  Hùng Hưng-Lib.A
Project : Amiana Resort
Location: Turtle Bay, Pham Van Dong Street, Nha Trang, Vietnam
Photographer: Hùng Hưng-Lib.A
Photographer: Oki Hiroyuki

” The restaurant resemble an artificial garden, connect continuously with the natural surroundings, with 360-degree views, it also reflect a wide shade of trees among a tropical forest, overlook the windswept sea. “
– Hùng Hưng

AMIANA ” On the Bay” is the name of the resort which the restaurant was one part. The AMIANA RESORT is located in the north of Nha Trang City ,situated along the coast, looking out over beautiful Nha Trang Bay which is voted one of 29 most beautiful bays in the world.The rear of the resort is mountainside, which also contain outer approaches.

The mountain creates stepping down topography and a direct sea view for the restaurant. This place resemble the centre of the resort, with the reception centre is right above,  the conference centre is on the left hand and the accommodation area is on the other. Having four facades shaded with trees, the restaurant is consider as a part of the surround landscape, harmony with the natural surroundings. Sitting inside the restaurant, customers will be provided a wide open view to the sea through the swimming pool. The roof is covered with water to creat wide-angle views for guest standing at the lobby, a water surface connects with the sea.

The structure of the restaurant is like a large canopy, provide us with a shade under the blazing sun of Nha Trang Bay. The facades are surrounded with tempered glass and glazed door systems, combined with wide terraces and greenery surrounded which together keep the internal space airy and let wind blow through. As the matter of fact, the restaurant doesn’t use air conditioner.

“I want to express the Architecture only as a background in human activities, it disappeared the better.”

Hùng Hưng

Source: Hùng Hưng-Lib.A/ Oki Hiroyuki
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