ArtA Cultural Center design by Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu (SO – IL) and Architectuurstudio HH (AHH)

ArtA from SO-IL on Vimeo.

Architects: Solid Objectives – Idenburg Liu (SO – IL)Architectuurstudio HH (AHH)
Location: Meijnerswijk 5, 6841 HA Arnhem, The Netherlands
Architects In Charge: Florian Idenburg (Principal), Jing Liu (Principal), Ilias Papageorgiou (Associate Principal)
Collaborator: ABT
Client: The Municipality of Arnhem
Area: 8480.0 sqm
Photographs: SO-IL

“The design is as an open and flexible structure, a ‘loose coat’ of sorts,” described SO-IL. “A multitude of spatial nuances in daylight, height, proportion, allow the building to adapt to an ever-changing culture-scape making it a productive place for both experimental and established forms of visual art, cinema and design. These ‘micro-environments’ within the building reach a new mode of flexibility offering ArtA an endless catalogue of possibilities. The atrium, for example, can easily adjust to house a space for video projections, an art class, a book fair, or a fashion show.

“While the new ArtA building will be a platform for culture in the world, it will also offer a place to slow down and reflect. As a ‘cloud,’ the building rests just above street level, full of surprises for the visitor to discover. A large staircase leads the visitor deep into the heart of this new three-dimensional world of light and shade, intimate and grand vistas. Stairs, balconies, openings, views offer a plurality of spatial experiences and relationships. Strategic openings give onto the city, the Rhine, and the landscape offering a whole new perspective for Arnhem.”

Source: SO-ILArchitectuurstudio HH (AHH)
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