aldo cibic: super bazaar at rethinking happiness

‘superbazaar’ – detail of the model
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a place to live, meet, buy, sell, swap.

the outskirts of milan, near the northern expressway, a new subway station is being built, intersecting with the metropolitan rail bypass.
this is an opportunity to invent a new public space that hosts functional activities of neighborhood life, like: daycare center, library,
kitchen sharing, outdoor cinema, concert hall, work lounge, outdoor market, skate park, rent hotel.

above the porticoes there is a complex of small housing units and low-cost work spaces designed for students and immigrants,
who share a similar economic condition. this facility can take advantage of the wide range of services installed in this location.

‘rethinking happiness’ model 1:100, 40 mq
image © designboom

‘superbazaar’ is part of the research project ‘rethinking happiness’ curated by italian architect and designer aldo cibic
showing 4 different new possible communities. the model is presented at the 12th venice architecture biennale
‘people meet in architecture’ by kazuyo seijima.

‘superbazaar’ detail of the model
image © designboom

project elements:

1. park
2. open air theatre
3. market
4. skate park
5. subway station
6. railway station
7. library
8. small apartments for students and workers
9. ethnic food court
10. temporary office lounge
11. indoor plaza
12. kinder garden
13. playground
14. bus station

small apartments for students and workers with metro station nearby
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image © designboom

solar roofs
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small apartments
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