aldo cibic: rural urbanism at rethinking happiness

‘rethinking happiness’ is a research project showing 4 different new possible communities on a total suface of 40mq.
curated by italian architect and designer
aldo cibic, the model is presented at the 12th venice architecture biennale
under the theme ‘people meet in architecture’ curated by
kazuyo seijima.

‘rural urbanism’
image © designboom

rural urbanism

the city enters the countryside, the country enters the city.

one hour from shanghai, a large rural territory with an ancient agricultural tradition is crushed between
a growing industrial zone and a new city.

the idea is to create an agricultural park of 4 sq km inhabited by 8000 persons with low-density residential structures,
preserving the agriculture and offering green spaces for the inhabitants. the project calls for a group of elevated buildings
on the streets, to create a perpendicular grid that floats over the countryside.

in the middle of this ‘agricultural central park’ there are specialized farms that produce crops for the sustainable,
profitable development of the countryside. the challenge is to create a new community with shared services,
new activities and relationships, in tune with the territory.

project elements:

1. wishing tree
2. lo shu + holy field
3. belvedere
4. drying platform
5. rainwater fountain
6. barn
7. bird houses
8. hay barn
9. picnic pavillion
10. golf driving range + agricultural staging station
11. water taxi
12. bamboo court
13. swimming pool
14. aquaculture
15. water plaza
16. main canal
17. acrobats theater
18. excange plaza
19. labirinth + bike parking
20. farm area
21. pedestrian and bike path
22. orchard
23. elevated housing
24. badminton + parking
25. minigolf + parking
26. water court
27. bamboo bascket field
28. fragrance court
29. car parking
30. streets path under elevated housing

detail of the model
image © designboom

sketches of the various elements

elevated housing
image © designboom

plaza and bike parking
image © designboom

image © designboom

exchange plaza
image © designboom

farm area
image © designboom

elevated housing and farm circulation


badminton and parking
image © designboom

swimming pool
image © designboom

aldo cibic about the project (italian only)

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