aldo cibic: new communities, new polarities at rethinking happiness

‘new communities, new polarities’
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‘new communities, new polarities’ is part of ‘rethinking happiness’ – a research project by italian architect and designer aldo cibic,
showing 4 different new possible communities. the model is presented at the 12th venice architecture biennale
‘people meet in architecture’ curated by kazuyo seijima.

‘rethinking happiness’ model – view to the exhibition
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new communities, new polarities – a town in the alpine foothills
how a small center becomes a large center.

an international corporation moves its headquarters to the industrial zone of a town in the alpine foothills.
about one thousand persons are employed there, most of whom are young creative professionals from all over the world.
in an abandoned area in the town center, a new neighborhood is created where this alien community can find room to integrate
and to become a resource for the territory.

project elements:

1. vegetable garden plaza
2. local farmers market
3. club restaurant internet lounge
4. vinyard hotel
5. pool and spa
6. apartments
7. workshops and apartments
8. skate plaza
9. gymn and studios
10. climbing wall
11. water collector
12. multifunctional theater

apartments and vegetable garden plaza
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houses with solar panels on the roof
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aldo cibic about the project (italian only)

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