a.l.x. / junichi sampei: dancing living house

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‘dancing living house’ by a.l.x. in yokohama, japan
all images courtesy a.l.x.
photographer: kouichi torimura

‘dancing living house’ by junichi sampei of a.l.x. is a three-storey residence for
a married couple in yokohama, japan. formally defined by the clients’ request
for a adequately-sized dance studio, the top-heavy project extends itself out from
its tight plot, resulting in a volume which utilizes clever slices and openings to
illuminate its interiors.

(left) drive way
(right) street view

on street level, enough space is generated for two parked cars under the ‘belly’ of the house.
an entry staircase leads up to the open studio, which doubles as a kitchen and living area.
in order to extend the space, all four walls are clad in mirrored panels to quadruple
the sense of volume. private programs (bedroom, bathroom) are accommodated on
the third level, which essentially ‘floats’ on top of the dance studio between two strips
of transparent glass floors. this ensures abundant natural light into the lower level
without the aid of side-facing windows.

parking space

looking out to the street

the whole structure is treated as a singular object in its soundproofing. with the exception
of some parts of the ceiling and a corner from its street face, the whole volume is encased
in a thick shell of reinforced concrete to eliminate external sounds from getting in and vice versa.

(left) looking into the living room / dance studio
(right) strip of glass floor on the upper most floor

kitchen /dance studio

mirrored walls

views of the internal staircase

glass floors admit light into the lower floors

outdoor veranda with waterpool/light court

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level +1

floor plan / level +2


section through garage

project info:

structural engineers:
kume structural research & development office
structure: reinforced concrete
height: 8.300 m
site area: 101.58 m2
built area: 58.87 m2
total floor area: 155.47 m
first floor area: 58.87 m2
second floor area: 56.61 m2
third floor area: 39.99 m2

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